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Rules for the UT2004 Servers

Posted: Fri 05 Mar , 2010 9:35 pm
by Deathblade
Here are the rules for the UT2004 servers:

Ban stages:
Ban durations are incremental and per category of offense.
For standard offenses, the first ban is for a period no shorter than one day and not to exceed two days, expiring at midnight of the day after the ban is placed. Following bans will be applied according to these stages: 3, 7, 15, 30 days.
For chat offenses, a mute is used instead of a ban.

0. Use your common sense.
These rules can't and won't cover every possibility. Use your common sense before acting. If you think something is risqué or offensive, or you wouldn't do it / talk about it in polite company, don't do it here. Act within the spirit of the rules and not their letter - if you play in a clearly exploitative or unfair manner, regardless of whether there is a rule against your style of play, you may still be moderated.

1. Play fair.
1a) Do not cheat. This includes external hacks, bots, and alike as well as internal ones. Cheating will result an immediate permanent ban.
1b) Do not glitch. Play the maps as they are intended to be played. The only exception is Oldztyle and Racing with Megafun Benders, where you can glitch at will.
1c) Do not spawnkill.
1d) Do not teamkill.
1e) Do not go for the next objective while the current one is not done. This will be considered as glitching.
1f) Do not camp portals. This is defined as standing with a shieldgun or any vehicle in front of a teleporter so the teleporting person instantly gets killed. This also applies to mines in Ballistic Weapons.
1g) RACE specific: Do not abuse the crush and ram facilities of flying vehicles. Certain vehicles such as the Venom are considerably more agile than standard flying vehicles. Consistently using flying vehicles to crush players, push off vehicles or camp the top of jumppads / other areas where player mobility is predictable or severely reduced will be punished.
1h) If using a custom skin from the skinpack available on the forums, please ensure the skin you are using has teamskins. If the skin does not have teamskins, you will be asked to change. Failure to change, or persistent use of skins without teamskins, will result in a 3 day ban for annoyance.
1i) Do not partake in team hampering: deliberate actions which severely restrict a team's ability to either complete, or defend, an objective.

2. Let the teambalancer do its job.
2a) Do not switch teams in order to unbalance or deliberately shorten / extend a game. Deliberate double defense, switching to defense on preferred maps and switching to attack on disliked maps are examples. In RACE, switching teams is not viewed as unbalancing the game, but repetitive switching may result in an adminstration action taken against you.
2b) If a player is switched by the balancer as a result of your spectating, you may not rejoin the game without admin permission. Similarly, if it is suspected that you are reconnecting to the server in order to switch players and manipulate the balancer, action will be taken.

3. Watch your language.
3a) Only English and French languages are allowed.
3b) Do your best not to insult or offend other players, either directly or indirectly through satire, risqué humor, etc. We cannot guarantee that your best will be enough - if it is not, you will be warned. If the warning was insufficient a mute will follow.
3c) Do not overspam the chat or voice taunts, keep it on a tolerable level.
3d) Do not abuse the voting. Abusing kick voting (such as two players kicking anybody that joins) will lead into an immediate ban. Same way map voting - if you repeatedly vote a map with an intention other than playing the map (such as you vote a map, that map wins, but you keep spectating), you may be banned.
3e) Requests are only to be made on the forum. Do not bother the admins ingame with requests of any type. This includes the ballistic weapon balance as well as new ideas for the race server or anything else. Write your ideas in the associated forum.
3f) On AS / RACE server it is not allowed to bash either AS or RACE community. All insults to the community ("raisers") as a whole or insulting a player based on which community he belongs (i.e calling someone "raiser", "as filth" etc.) will result in administrative action against you. Stating your opinion in a manner "n00bs NO RAIS ._." / "n00bs NO ASSAULT ._." is fine.
3g) Harassing players who report glitchers, cheaters, exploiters or explain their methods for any reason whatsoever will result in an instant ban according to your current ban stage.
3h) Do not make cheat accusations. If you suspect someone is cheating, you will need proof of it before we'll do anything about it.
3i) Do not spam messages with Caps Lock on, keep the use of Caps Lock at a tolerable level - repeat offense will result in a mute as per the player's ban level.

4. Show respect.
4a) Respect the admins, moderators and everybody else if you want to be taken seriously.
4b) Admins are always right. If an admin gives an order, comply with it or leave. Denying an offense which is later proven through logs or other evidence will be taken as an insult and may result in a ban extension.

5. Be yourself.
5a) Do not use the tag of a clan you are not in.
5b) Do not fake as a member or any other player.

6. Recruitment is allowed.
6a) Messages about recruitment or asking someone to join your clan are allowed.
6b) Talking about unreal related sites / servers is allowed, advertising for those is not.
6c) Do not use your nickname for the purpose of advertisement.

OLDZ and Megafun Rule Exceptions.
Whilst playing OLDZ and Megafun gametypes, the following rules do not apply: 1b., 1c., 1d. (although not excessively); 1e., 1f., 1g., 1i. (although not excessively). All other rules apply.

The rules may be updated if needed.

Re: Server rules (25th May update)

Posted: Mon 14 Nov , 2011 7:00 pm
by iZumo
Rules specific to Constructor:

No obscenities.

Any construction of obscene imagery, gestures or language will result in a ban. This includes profanity, sexually suggestive imagery and the like. Keep it clean.

Re: Server rules (25th May update)

Posted: Sun 10 Jun , 2012 11:00 pm
by Azarael
I've consolidated the rules and added two new ones: No portal camping, and no abuse of crush / ram facilities on fast flying vehicles. Will put out some fix for the latter.

Re: UT2004 Server rules (17th July update)

Posted: Wed 29 Aug , 2012 11:59 am
by Takeo
The rules have been rewritten overall.

The main changes are:
+ Added the rules 3c,3e and 3h.
+ Added the rule 4.
+ Advertising for ut relates sites and servers is no longer allowed.

Re: UT2004 Server rules (29. August update)

Posted: Fri 14 Dec , 2012 4:20 pm
by iZumo
Added rule 3i regarding AS / RACE server.

Re: UT2004 Server rules

Posted: Tue 07 May , 2013 8:57 am
by iZumo
Aza has added 3j rule regarding harrasment to players reporting glitchers / etc.

I've removed sexism from rule 3b and made a separate rule 3k (and slightly changed rule 3a and 3c). Basically just to make them more clear and to prevent future conflicts in their understanding and that sexual insults get skip the ban for 3 days.

Re: Rules for the UT2004 Servers

Posted: Fri 07 Feb , 2014 10:16 pm
by iZumo
Consolidated rules "3f" and "3g" into rule "3f". Added new rule 3g regarding kick / map voting abuse.

Re: Rules for the UT2004 Servers

Posted: Sun 09 Feb , 2014 11:33 pm
by Azarael
Updated wording of 2a.

Re: Rules for the UT2004 Servers

Posted: Mon 29 Jan , 2018 7:06 pm
by Earl_Vencar.:LLS:.
Created rule 3m), in response to annoying behaviour lately.